Hotwire Component

I focused on developing a solid component. The new unit is set up for either a hotwire anemometer or a band-turbine in the top compartment, with an indicator light in the lower void. I'm looking for a way in which to deploy the unit in a landscape, and should have that posted soon.



wind [display] unit

These units can replace the "balloon" to establish more control over the total deformation of an individual unit. The idea remains the same, with units aggregated across a site that collectively tell about the wind on the site. Additionally, we know this mechanism produces rotation that could suggest that this installation could harness some wind energy. Still at human scale, these units provide some interactivity when a field is created.


I adapted my wind-responsive facade for use on a groud condition. Deploying wind-sensitive modules in a field on the ground, we can create a noticeable installation that glows in response to wind conditions.